The Players in this tragi-comedy

The Right Reverend Peter Lumpkins AKA “Plumpkins.” “A pastor living in West Georgia,” according to his self-penned bio, Plumpkins is rumored to be the pastor at the Corner Stone Baptist Chapel in Waco, GA, just a few miles from Alabama. He studiously avoids identifying his pastorate–if indeed he holds one–on any website or blog interactions. And well he probably should. It’s a tiny little place in the middle of nowhere which is perfectly matched to both his skill set and brain power.

Plumpkins is the author of, “Why I Don’t Drink Likker, and Why You’re Going to Hell if You Do,” which was endorsed by a number of people who should have known better. It was published by Jesus Changed Wine Into Water Press.

He believes every single verse in the Bible except, “It is a shame for a man to have long hair.”

The Right Reverend Timothy Rogers AKA “Roger Dodger.” Rogers is a graduate, it is rumored, of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He gets exercise by jumpin to illogical conclusions, gourmet cooks by means of grammatical butchery, and ignores reality with a non-sequitur filled writing style so bad one almost prays for the closing of the Internet. He isn’t the author of any books which is a blessin on your life. He’s the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in rural North Carolina where breathing and good posture seem to be the most compelling qualifications for the position.

He believes every single verse in the Bible except, “Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

A pastor in Daytona Beach who is currently operating 3-4 divisive blogs may be added in the near future. He has a Ph.D. earned from an online only seminary. That seminary is operated under the authority of his church. He is the chancellor of the seminary. There is no problem with this scenario. None at all.

These players inhabit the fringe corner of the Internet also known as “blogdumb.”