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One of the hypocritical things about Roger Dodger is how he calls everyone “Brother” just before vilifying them with some imagined wrong he has committed. At best it’s feigned honor and respect. At worst it is a mockery of the Bible’s use of the term. One who uses “Brother” so frequently should be striving toward the unity the word suggests rather than the division Roger Dodger prefers.

Rather than “Brother” he should begin such salutary situations with, “Hail, thou mine enemy!” It would be more honest.

One person who really seems to have gotten under Roger Dodger’s skin is the well known author, Jonathan Merritt. Merritt, author of Green Like God and another soon to be released work, has been the brunt of the Dodger’s attacks on a couple of occasions, most notably in a very poor attempt at humor just before Christmas.

Roger Dodger feels, like a person who has no concept of personal relationships, that he can attack a person with abandon then joke around with them the next moment. It does not matter that he has no foundation for such humor. He’s like an abuser than berates his wife and kids, only to turn around and suggest that the family go for ice cream since, “It would be so much fun!”

On his December 24, 2011 post, his “Dirty Santa” list leads off with a gift to Merritt who the Dodger, in a blatant and imbecilic attempt to drive traffic to his own blog, had body-slammed just three days earlier. His gift to Merritt? A get out of jail free card. Why? Roger Dodger felt he needed one due to a rumor that had circulated during the summer. When Merritt confronted the Dodger in the comment thread, this “pastor” responded,

I have removed that comment per your request. As I said I believed it was gossip concerning a summer weekend and used it as a humorous anecdote. Sorry if it caused you unnecessary concern, I felt dispelling gossip with humor was a great way to put out the fire of gossip. For the record the gossip has nothing to do with you going to jail as you said you have never been to jail.Emphasis added.

Can anyone on God’s green Earth tell us how this man is a pastor?? He freely traffics in gossip in the name of stopping gossip. The Bible addresses this: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Unstable. A perfect way to describe Tim Rogers.