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July 9, 2012 reached an all time low for Peter Lumpkins whose knuckles were already dragging the ground. In an article named, “Big, big $$$$ to attend Send North America Conference by Peter Lumpkins.” Calling the cost a “fat fee,” Plumpkins accuses the North America Mission Board of charging for “what we send money for them to do–educate people on the significance of missions both in North America and the world.”

Wow! One might think such an explosion of concern must mean that Kevin Ezell had set up an entrance fee at the Alpharetta headquarters and instituted the selling of indulgences in the lobby. How much might such “Big, big $$$$” be? $500? $1,000? More?

Has NAMB really reached the point that a conference (really a series of workshops) must cost hundreds of dollars?

In a word? No.

Plumpkins made much ado about nothing. And by “much” that means he made the Rocky Mountains out of a single serving of peanuts.

The cost for the entire conference was $99 per attendee for early registration. For those missing the early bird, the increase was an almost unbearable $20 more. Spouses in each case could come for half price.

In arguing his point, Waco, GA, pastor Peter Lumpkins complains that he could not go even if he had a scholarship. Why?

They cannot afford to send me much less our hauling a van load over to Woodstock to get inspired about church planting.

God forbid if they had held Send North America in a focus city like San Diego. Lumpkins would have given birth to an alien.

Pay close attention: When Lumpkins talks about “hauling a van load,” he is lying. He never had any intention of hauling anyone to SNA. His church barely has a van load in attendance. This is just another smear.

Also, it isn’t the responsibility of the North American Mission Board to tell pastor Lumpkins of Waco, GA, what is going on in the world as his insists. There is an entirely other mission board for that. Of course, he’ll divert the truth about his lack of passion for world missions by complaining about cost. Just as he has no interest in church planting.

Then he complains about the format. Yawn. Then he complains about the lack of diversity in the lineup. One is forced to wonder just how integrated the Corner Stone Baptist Chapel of western Georgia is at 11:00 on Sunday morning? Had any black members join lately?

One observant commenter (Dr. B. Devine) wrote the conference contained lunch and dinner on the first night as well as three meals on the following day. There were 15 workshops and multiple breakout sessions. (If spousal meals were also included, then their registration fee was virtually recouped in saved meal expenses. For general registrants the savings would equal about 1/2 of registration.)

Following this, Peter made two comments (12:09pm and 12:18pm) that are so sarcastic, over-the-top and filled with vitriol it’s very difficult to believe they were made by a Christian. Between he and his girlfriends (Lydia and Mary) the comment thread at this blog is a seething cauldron of bile, rancid flesh and mental excrement.

One wonders why Plumpkins didn’t just borrow the money from this buddy Jerry Vines? He probably has plenty.

All this is set up for an interesting contrast as it concerns Peter Lumpkins. He routinely attacks people and entities all over the Southern Baptist Convention using lies, distortions, half-truths, insinuations, and implications. There literally is no depth to which he will not stoop to “get a story.”

The contrast is why he has never written anything derogatory about recent expenses at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He complained about a $99 conference hosted by the North American Mission Board, but what about the construction of the luxurious and over-priced chapel at Southwestern Seminary?

An article in the Baptist Press dated October 26, 2009 reported the approval to build an expansive, wasteful, 3,500-seat chapel on the center of the campus. The cost was projected to be $30.2 million, although overruns were estimated to have raised the praise to the $32 million range. The chapel features a stage large enough for a 90 piece orchestra, a 200+ voice choir, with a “state of the art” sound and video projection system. (With the passage of time it was state of the art.) The J.W. MacGorman Chapel and Performance Center, as it is called, encloses 96,000 square feet, and was dedicated in late 2011.

What does $30-32 million dollars get you in Fort Worth, Texas, in the center of the seminary campus that once was the crown jewel of the Southern Baptist Convention?

A chapel that is almost never used. Outside groups rent the facility for concerts, and it is most certainly used for “special occasions” on campus. But it is not used for regular chapel gatherings. Why should it be? If all students full and part time were on campus at the same time it would not be full.

Where is Lumpkins on this? Only in Peter Lumpkins can you find a person who strains out a hundred while swallowing 32 million. Flailing away like Don Quixote after a windmill he castigates NAMB for a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR conference, yet gives a pass on Southwestern Seminary’s waste of $32 million for a monument to a man. No criticism at all is to be found of the cesspool called his blog.

Why? Because Peter is in tight with Jerry Vines (Paige Patterson’s best friend in the world) and in tight with the faculty at Southwestern Seminary. His blog features articles and mentions of Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, a professor at SWBTS, and entries from Dr. David Allen, a dean at SWBTS. A review of Peter’s ultra-fundamentalist, anti-liquor book was reviewed at, the official theology site of Southwestern Seminary.

Those ties that bind may soon be the ropes that hang.


One of the hypocritical things about Roger Dodger is how he calls everyone “Brother” just before vilifying them with some imagined wrong he has committed. At best it’s feigned honor and respect. At worst it is a mockery of the Bible’s use of the term. One who uses “Brother” so frequently should be striving toward the unity the word suggests rather than the division Roger Dodger prefers.

Rather than “Brother” he should begin such salutary situations with, “Hail, thou mine enemy!” It would be more honest.

One person who really seems to have gotten under Roger Dodger’s skin is the well known author, Jonathan Merritt. Merritt, author of Green Like God and another soon to be released work, has been the brunt of the Dodger’s attacks on a couple of occasions, most notably in a very poor attempt at humor just before Christmas.

Roger Dodger feels, like a person who has no concept of personal relationships, that he can attack a person with abandon then joke around with them the next moment. It does not matter that he has no foundation for such humor. He’s like an abuser than berates his wife and kids, only to turn around and suggest that the family go for ice cream since, “It would be so much fun!”

On his December 24, 2011 post, his “Dirty Santa” list leads off with a gift to Merritt who the Dodger, in a blatant and imbecilic attempt to drive traffic to his own blog, had body-slammed just three days earlier. His gift to Merritt? A get out of jail free card. Why? Roger Dodger felt he needed one due to a rumor that had circulated during the summer. When Merritt confronted the Dodger in the comment thread, this “pastor” responded,

I have removed that comment per your request. As I said I believed it was gossip concerning a summer weekend and used it as a humorous anecdote. Sorry if it caused you unnecessary concern, I felt dispelling gossip with humor was a great way to put out the fire of gossip. For the record the gossip has nothing to do with you going to jail as you said you have never been to jail.Emphasis added.

Can anyone on God’s green Earth tell us how this man is a pastor?? He freely traffics in gossip in the name of stopping gossip. The Bible addresses this: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Unstable. A perfect way to describe Tim Rogers.

Perhaps there is no one in all of blogdumb who has less ability to connect the dots than Pastor Tim Rogers, AKA “Roger Dodger.” Roger Dodger is a pastor in North Carolina who has a blog on which he writes some of the most ludicrous things you could ever imagine. Misspelled words, frequent grammatical errors and logical hare-kari greet his readers in almost every post.

A recent post sported the egregious title, Lifeway Admits they are Producing Non-Gospel Sunday School Lessons. In the egotistical style of his mentor, Plumpkins, he writes his name directly into the title of each new post. Really attentive to AP style these two are.

It must first be noticed that Roger Dodger lied in the title of his post. He probably believed it to be true, but that will not let him off the hook. Of course, Lifeway has admitted no such a thing, nor, in the mind of most sane persons and even some animals, would they need to do it. After all, they provide “Biblical solutions for life.” The Gospel Project, which is the subject of Roger Dodger’s diatribe, was developed after churches requested from Lifeway a more in-depth curriculum. That according to interviews with Trevin Wax, an editor with the company. For Roger Dodger the name-The Gospel Project-is a “tacit admission” of Lifeway. A tacit admission of what? That Lifeway hasn’t been teaching the gospel, he asserts.

See how clear that is?

In his February 3, 2012 entry there are so many disjointed sentences, disconnected thoughts, pure conjecture and lies in the first paragraph alone, it should behoove anyone who graduated 6th grade that an adult would ever read this stuff. Thankfully, few do. A sampling:

The Gospel Project is a new curriculum released by Lifeway but put together by non-Southern Baptists.

This is a bald-faced lie. Eight of the 11 members of the advisory board were Southern Baptists, and the other three were Baptists. Among the writers are those who have worked on current Lifeway curriculum. The general editor and managing editor are Southern Baptist. THE COMPANY THAT PRODUCES IT IS SOUTHERN BAPTIST! Why Rogers finds it necessary to lie is strange, confusing and unnecessary. And from a pastor?


Another of the advisors is Matt Chandler, Pastor of the Village Church in Dallas Texas [sic]. This is a church that is affiliated with the SBC, but something else about Pastor Chandler is his position on the Board of Directors with Acts 29.

This is a classic example of Roger Dodger’s inability to connect dots. What does Acts 29 have to do with Lifeway presenting the gospel in his curriculum? Not a thing at all. But, Southern Baptist Matt Chandler (you know, one of those Southern Baptists who were not involved in The Gospel Project, but were?) is on the board of the church planting network Acts 29, so Lifeway must have admitted they were not teaching the gospel.


Then, invoking the pin-all cupie-doll, Mark Driscoll, who is 1) not Southern Baptist and 2) not involved with The Gospel Project, in order to tie him (via Acts 29) to Ed Stetzer, who is Southern Baptist, Roger Dodger mentions Driscoll’s much maligned and praised book on marriage as a reason to be concerned about The Gospel Project. Ok, once again: Lifeway admits they produce Sunday School lessons that do not include the gospel (which they don’t do), because it is not produced by Southern Baptists (even though it is), and because Matt Chandler is on the board (but he’s Southern Baptist, but it doesn’t matter), and because Mark Driscoll and Ed Stetzer (a Southern Baptist) once served together with Acts 29 (which has nothing at all do do with any of it), and Driscoll wrote an explicit book on marriage, Southern Baptists should be on high alert about this curriculum.

This is so sad because it is utterly unbiblical. Between the outright lies, blatant distortions, nonsensical “logic” and extreme conjecture, only a person who cannot think for themselves, and does not care about truth, would take Roger Dodger seriously.

On February ninth, Peter “Plumpkins” Lumpkins posted a second tribute to Dr. Roy Hargrave, a Florida pastor who is also a Calvinist. Why? Because he has a man-crush on him it seems. Plumpkins seems to have the affection for the 5-pointer because he isn’t necessarily counted among the young, restless and reformed. Presumably because he isn’t young and restless. At least to Plumpkins he isn’t.

Plumpkins laments the fact that Hargrave has not been asked to speak in chapel at Southern and Southeastearn seminaries, but appears to be completely comfortable with the fact that he has not spoken at the chapels of Southwestern nor New Orleans. Plumpkins then exclaims, “This seems incredibly fantastic to me.” Next, one may guess, Plumpkins will be uttering the same thing while watching “Dr. Who” or the Lifetime Movie Network.

Following upon the heels of this lament is the wonderment that Hargrave has never spoken at an SBC Pastor’s Conference. With that alarming statistic, the Florida 5-pointer joins the company of about 44,000 other pastors.

But do not miss this simple fact: if this Calvinist pastor had been asked to speak at an SBC Pastor’s Conference it would merely have been evidence of the Calvinist takeover about which Plumpkins would have been beating the drum non-stop with his face. Plumpkins reasoning is like that of Darwinists: it matters not what evidence is introduced, the theory can morph to fit it. This means the theory is no theory at all, but layer upon layer, pound upon pound of speculative nonsense.

A day later, as surely as Goofy follows Pluto, Tim “Roger Dodger” Rogers also posted praises to this Hargrave insisting the Florida pastor was someone with whom he (Rogers) could witness. That’s good to know since the SBC has enough non-Calvinist pastors who never share Christ with anyone. Perhaps both Plumpkins and Roger Dodger will put their actions alongside their declarations and invite their new crush to come preach from their own pulpits. That would seem incredibly fantastic to everyone.

An recent article at a Southern Baptist oriented blog used the term “Baptist Bogeyman” to refer to immaterial things Southern Baptist get worked up about, creating “bogeymen” to fight while ignoring the true enemy. It’s that whole “you wrestle not against flesh and blood” thing. It’s also that whole “tearing down strawmen” thing.

For their combined work on the Christian Index opinion piece “The Calvinists are here” editor Gerald Harris and Plumpkins (who were more than happy to share the opinions therein) win the first ever “Bogeyman of the Month” award.

Besting even his best speculative efforts, a few days ago Plumpkins decided to “expose” the nefarious workings of the SBC name change committee, led by such dastardly Calvinists as Jimmy Draper and Paige Patterson. Following the normal false premises and tangential points, he all but assured readers that the proposed changed name of the SBC will be either the Evangelical BaptistConvention, the Continental Baptist Convention or the International Baptsit Convention. How did he come to such an insightful conclusion? Because the domains, and were purchased last fall within a week of each other. Why is this significant?

Besides the fact that it isn’t and most likely some good old Southern Baptist is squatting on them, that last one was purchased by a guy who attends a church in Arkansas. The pastor of that church is Ronnie Floyd, who chaired the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force some time back. Here is how it goes: SBC studies name change -> potential names are leaked to Ronnie Floyd -> Ronnie Floyed tells a random church member -> that church member buys at least one (but possibly three) domains -> church member makes a killing selling domain names to SBC.

Clear? If that line of goofiness is too hard to follow, Plumpkins then says,

However, the word I’m getting from very reliable sources is, Wright’s “task force” is going to propose as possibilities these three names.

One of the names is obviously a fluke. The term “continental” is so fundamentally archaic not to mention over-used, it has to be a “dummy” option the sole purpose of which is to give the appearance that “you have a choice,” but those proposing it obviously know few would find that choice attractive. Hence, the hope is, people “choose” the option opposite the “dummy” option. That’s what some leaders do when they want one thing but also want the appearance of group involvement. Emphasis added.

It really doesn’t take much effort to see who the “dummy” is in this fiasco.

Thankfully, Plumpkins give us a measure by which to gauge his effort. This tiring speculative gabfest is affirmed by “very reliable sources.” When all this come down like a Styrofoam fort in a hurricane, maybe someone will suggest a good Old Testament stoning. It can’t come soon enough. Sounds like Plumpkins has been stoned already.

Blogging can be good.

Blogging can be brutal.

Blogging can be absolutely detrimental to God’s kingdom. It can be devisive and sow discord among brothers and sisters and Christ.

You know, do you not, that blogs themselves can do none of these things? Only people can.

The only reason for this blog is because there are a few people in the blogosphere, hovering about Southern Baptist Convention issues, who regularly lie, deceive and defraud. They lie about others, they deceive their readers and defraud their churches.

This blog is anonymous. If you don’t like that don’t come back.

There is no commenting. Comments would be pointless.

There is no anger. There is frustration at continued behavior that is not strongly enough rebuked.

The “style” used by the Rogkins crowd–jumping to conclusions, disregarding contrary evidence, spreading unsubstantiated rumor, innuendo, illogical thinking and the stringing together of unrelated thoughts to an unsubstantiated but affirmed point–will not be used. It might be illustrated. It will be revealed.

One more thing…

I’m not a Calvinist.