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When this blog was started the lies of two pastors were exclusively chronicled. One of them has reduced his blogging to an occasional update – thankfully – while the other has focused more on theological content.

Welcomed changes.

Recently a big deal has erupted at Louisiana College. Several professors were not offered contract renewals perhaps because they hold to a Calvinist interpretation of salvation. The president of the college, Dr. Joe Aguillard, and at least one trustee seem content for Calvinist professors and students to leave the school.

Much of this nonsense is being tracked by two Louisiana College student. Joshua Breland and Drew Wales have written about the goings on on their blogs The Daily Bleat ( and SBC Heritage ( Breland has set up an active post with links to a number of websites speaking about the situation (

a Alan J. Pakulas - All the Presidents Men Hoffman Redford DVD PDVD_008Last week the influential and popular Southern Baptist blog SBC Voices defended the two students in this post:

So far the focus has been on Calvinism as the problem at the school. What if this is not the case?

The old saying is “Where there is smoke there is fire.” What if the smoke at Louisiana College is at one place and the fire at another? Anyone who has ever built a fire knows it only takes a little wet wood to create a lot of smoke.

While Calvinism is the “green wood” creating the smoke, are the trustees paying attention for any other fires? Are the school’s finances in order? Are all educational requirements up to date? Are accreditation requirements in order? Are contracts legal and in order? What is at work other than the gray smoke of Calvin?

“Follow the money” was famous advice given to two reporters who brought down a president. It might be good advice to follow again.


July 9, 2012 reached an all time low for Peter Lumpkins whose knuckles were already dragging the ground. In an article named, “Big, big $$$$ to attend Send North America Conference by Peter Lumpkins.” Calling the cost a “fat fee,” Plumpkins accuses the North America Mission Board of charging for “what we send money for them to do–educate people on the significance of missions both in North America and the world.”

Wow! One might think such an explosion of concern must mean that Kevin Ezell had set up an entrance fee at the Alpharetta headquarters and instituted the selling of indulgences in the lobby. How much might such “Big, big $$$$” be? $500? $1,000? More?

Has NAMB really reached the point that a conference (really a series of workshops) must cost hundreds of dollars?

In a word? No.

Plumpkins made much ado about nothing. And by “much” that means he made the Rocky Mountains out of a single serving of peanuts.

The cost for the entire conference was $99 per attendee for early registration. For those missing the early bird, the increase was an almost unbearable $20 more. Spouses in each case could come for half price.

In arguing his point, Waco, GA, pastor Peter Lumpkins complains that he could not go even if he had a scholarship. Why?

They cannot afford to send me much less our hauling a van load over to Woodstock to get inspired about church planting.

God forbid if they had held Send North America in a focus city like San Diego. Lumpkins would have given birth to an alien.

Pay close attention: When Lumpkins talks about “hauling a van load,” he is lying. He never had any intention of hauling anyone to SNA. His church barely has a van load in attendance. This is just another smear.

Also, it isn’t the responsibility of the North American Mission Board to tell pastor Lumpkins of Waco, GA, what is going on in the world as his insists. There is an entirely other mission board for that. Of course, he’ll divert the truth about his lack of passion for world missions by complaining about cost. Just as he has no interest in church planting.

Then he complains about the format. Yawn. Then he complains about the lack of diversity in the lineup. One is forced to wonder just how integrated the Corner Stone Baptist Chapel of western Georgia is at 11:00 on Sunday morning? Had any black members join lately?

One observant commenter (Dr. B. Devine) wrote the conference contained lunch and dinner on the first night as well as three meals on the following day. There were 15 workshops and multiple breakout sessions. (If spousal meals were also included, then their registration fee was virtually recouped in saved meal expenses. For general registrants the savings would equal about 1/2 of registration.)

Following this, Peter made two comments (12:09pm and 12:18pm) that are so sarcastic, over-the-top and filled with vitriol it’s very difficult to believe they were made by a Christian. Between he and his girlfriends (Lydia and Mary) the comment thread at this blog is a seething cauldron of bile, rancid flesh and mental excrement.

One wonders why Plumpkins didn’t just borrow the money from this buddy Jerry Vines? He probably has plenty.

All this is set up for an interesting contrast as it concerns Peter Lumpkins. He routinely attacks people and entities all over the Southern Baptist Convention using lies, distortions, half-truths, insinuations, and implications. There literally is no depth to which he will not stoop to “get a story.”

The contrast is why he has never written anything derogatory about recent expenses at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He complained about a $99 conference hosted by the North American Mission Board, but what about the construction of the luxurious and over-priced chapel at Southwestern Seminary?

An article in the Baptist Press dated October 26, 2009 reported the approval to build an expansive, wasteful, 3,500-seat chapel on the center of the campus. The cost was projected to be $30.2 million, although overruns were estimated to have raised the praise to the $32 million range. The chapel features a stage large enough for a 90 piece orchestra, a 200+ voice choir, with a “state of the art” sound and video projection system. (With the passage of time it was state of the art.) The J.W. MacGorman Chapel and Performance Center, as it is called, encloses 96,000 square feet, and was dedicated in late 2011.

What does $30-32 million dollars get you in Fort Worth, Texas, in the center of the seminary campus that once was the crown jewel of the Southern Baptist Convention?

A chapel that is almost never used. Outside groups rent the facility for concerts, and it is most certainly used for “special occasions” on campus. But it is not used for regular chapel gatherings. Why should it be? If all students full and part time were on campus at the same time it would not be full.

Where is Lumpkins on this? Only in Peter Lumpkins can you find a person who strains out a hundred while swallowing 32 million. Flailing away like Don Quixote after a windmill he castigates NAMB for a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR conference, yet gives a pass on Southwestern Seminary’s waste of $32 million for a monument to a man. No criticism at all is to be found of the cesspool called his blog.

Why? Because Peter is in tight with Jerry Vines (Paige Patterson’s best friend in the world) and in tight with the faculty at Southwestern Seminary. His blog features articles and mentions of Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, a professor at SWBTS, and entries from Dr. David Allen, a dean at SWBTS. A review of Peter’s ultra-fundamentalist, anti-liquor book was reviewed at, the official theology site of Southwestern Seminary.

Those ties that bind may soon be the ropes that hang.

Waco, Georgia pastor, Peter Lumpkins, has long been known for using half-truths, rumor, innuendo, speculation and creative license to build his blog readership. With a batting average that hovers around .100 on the accuracy scale, Plumpkins latest assult, on writer Jonathan Merritt, should bring a shudder to anyone attached to him in any way.

And speaking of being attached…let’s play Plumpkins for a bit.

Indy from Plumpkins Marriott suite

Did you know Peter Lumpkins was in Indianapolis this week?

Did you know there are no pictures of his wife being with him in Indianapolis?

Did you know there are a lot of drugs and prostitutes in Indianapolis?

Now don’t take this to mean that Peter Lumpkins was doing drugs and running around with prostitutes. These are just the facts. You can draw your own conclusions.

See how easy that is? Not a shred of proof required to cast doubt. No accepting responsibility for irresponsible writing. Two clear cases of innuendo. There is only one eyewitness: Peter Lumpkins himself who admits to being in a hotel room in Indianapolis.

(The completely accurate info is available here:

But enough with demonstrations, how about some things that are true and accurate? These don’t even have to be exaggerated to have questions connected to some very real dots.

Did you know that Peter Lumpkins writes Sunday School literature for the prominent anti-Calvinist and former SBC president, Jerry Vines?

Did you know that Vines sit on the trustee board of Liberty University, and on the seminary committee of that board?

One is force to wonder how long Jerry Vines has been the “Liberty leak” from the trustee board to help Peter’s attacks on Mark Driscoll?

How much of Gerald Harris famous rambling rant against Calvinism in the Christian Index was lifted from Peter Lumpkins blog?

How much other information does Harris get from Plumpkins?

How much has Bill Harrell of Abilene Baptist Church in Georgia shared with Peter Lumpkins?

Will Peter Lumpkins and Tim Rogers be working with the leadership of the SBCToday blog, now under the power of Emir Caner, president of Truett McConnell College?

Since Georgia Baptist Executive Director, Robert White, signed the “Traditionalist Document,” which Tim Rogers affirmed, does that mean he has leaked information to either Rogers or Lumpkins?

The plot thickens…

And that’s how pastor Peter Lumpkins comes to his conclusions.

However, there are things here that are unequivocally true:

1. Peter Lumpkins does write for Jerry Vines’ curriculum line.

2. Gerald Harris did use Lumpkins’ blog for source material, or Lumpkins co-wrote the article with Harris or wrote it for him. There is too much overlap (and too many similar mistakes) for it to be any other way.

3. Jerry Vines is from Georgia and on the trustee board of Liberty. Vines also grew up and pastored his first church mere miles from where Peter Lumpkins now lives and “pastors” his church.

4. Jerry Vines, Bill Harrell, Brad Whitt, Tim Rogers, Frank Cox, Gerald Harris and others are among those trying to “take back” the SBC. From what it remains to be seen? Are they trying to take it back from the inerrantists? Regardless, they encourage Peter Lumpkins and allow him to be a mouthpiece for them. That he lies and slanders makes not a bit of difference.

Here’s the $64,000 question: Will Vines and the rest repudiate Lumpkins attack on Jonathan Merritt as discussed on the last article here? Caveats, explanations, elaborations, and updates are not enough. The slime of muckraking is all over these imagined leaders because of their ongoing association with Peter Lumpkins.

Each of these: Jerry Vines, Gerald Harris, Bill Harrell, and others who have waited in the shadows for Plumpkins character assassinations must now rebuke him publicly. Until each one of them has publicly rebuked Peter Lumpkins for gossip, rumor, innuendo and slander, this article will remain and more articles will be added.

If it was not for the wretched sinfulness of the whole thing, Pastor Peter Lumpkins recent blog article on “Holiness” would be delicious irony. Instead it’s a travesty of the seriousness of God’s word. On March 11, 2012, he writes:

I’m preaching a sermon today from the Old Testament entitled “Hungering for Holiness.” One particular corpus of Scripture which I find especially moving today includes the following (embolden added)>>>

Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness (1 Chron 16:29)

Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness… . O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth… . Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth (Psalm 29:2; 96:9; 110:3)

One is left to assume the “beauty of holiness” does not apply to Plumpkins since, on his blog, he continues to lie, deceive and distort.

His near obsession with Rick Warren’s supposed “Bridge to Mecca” yet again demonstrates his willingness to believe the worst about Christian leaders with whom he disagrees. (See my last post as an example of this typical Lumpkins behavior.

In his post dated February 19, 2012, Plumpkins again distorts some facts while omitting others all for the purpose of propogating his faulty ideas. His inability to correctly report is troubling. Does he lie intentionally or because he really can’t figure the facts? Is he mentally incapable or has he become so distorted that even the simplest truths are skewed by his over-suspicious personality?

Plumpkins writes with reference to the Lifeway trustee meeting:

Unfortunately, [Lifeway communications director, Marty] King did not report any response from the trustees concerning the 2011 SBC resolution in Phoenix expressing disapproval of the version. King did quote Greenway suggesting messengers to the 2011 SBC annual meeting were encouraged to vote for the resolution based on “incorrect information.”

What is the big deal about no response from the trustees? Why does Plumpkins imply that such “response” would provide new information? Note the BP article (written by King):

The task force and the trustee executive committee both unanimously approved the following recommendation: It is recommended that trustees reaffirm the decision of LifeWay to continue to carry the 2011 NIV alongside other versions of the Holy Bible.

The reason is clear and it isn’t nefarious. The vote was unanimous. Both the committee and the full trustee board were unified in the vote. There were no dissenters to interview, no press conference for some to air their differences.

When trustee Adam Greenway spoke, he spoke for the committee and when the trustees voted they conveyed the decision. Why? Because they had researched the information given and found the resolution to be without merit.

Besides the examples of conservative translations in the 2011 NIV given by Greenway there was also this line in the report that addressed the “incorrect information” given to messengers:

As an example, Greenway said the 2011 NIV contains no gender-neutral wording for the names of God.

What kind of “incorrect information”? This is normally the kind of thing Plumpkins spends 2,000 words blathering about. Why the silence on this?

Let us return momentarily to the summer of 2011. Twenty-four minutes into the Wednesday afternoon business session at the 2011 SBC meeting in Phoenix to be exact.

Messenger Tim Overton spoke about the 2011 NIV:

This is a feminist dream. What has stood in front of their agenda about the Bible. Now they have twisted the Bible into a gender-neutral translation.

This is an assertion; it is not evidence, and it gives an example of the misinformation fed to the messengers. It is likewise an example of evidence glossed over by Plumpkins and his disciples in their rush to condemn Lifeway for not taking Overton’s resolution at face value.

Russell Moore, speaking for the Resolutions Committee, said in response to Overton’s plea that there were significant differences between the TNIV and the 2011 NIV. :

We had an NIV that stands in a very different place in regard to the Bible buying public. We now have a multitude of good and faithful denominations, uh, good and faithful translations such as the Holman Christian Standard Bible, the English Standard Version, the New American Standard Bible, and so forth. And we did not believe that the NIV changes which, frankly, are just one of many Bibles out there which have very similar language. We did not believe that rose to the level of needing to be addressed by this year’s convention. Emphasis added.

Moore was followed by messenger Darren Lambert who, affirming he might not be the best person to speak in support of the resolution, proceeded to do that very thing. It’s from Lambert’s support that he concern of the gender neutrality of God is addressed:

This is God’s word, and if we affirm the roles that God has given to men and women. And we also affirm God’s revelation of Himself as He, and Jesus as He, and even the Holy Spirit. Emphasis in speaker’s vocalization.

So, the Lifeway trustees were being very thorough, addressing not only the concerns expressed in the resolution, but also in concerns expressed by the one who spoke in support of it.

BTW, if Plumpkins was the least bit interested in being thorough, he could have found video of the above exchange. It should be as easy to do as unearthing a 20-year old quote from Al Mohler on the purpose of resolutions at SBC meetings. (Hint, Peter:

Why does Peter Lumpkins consistently overlook the facts? It is either overt deception or lunacy. Whichever the case, no thinking, spiritually minded person should give him or his writings a second thought.

When reading Plumpkins the conspicuous absence of Jesus is overwhelming. One need not even consider any “spirit of Jesus” as to the attitude or interactions. Just look for anything that has to do with Jesus Himself. Plumpkins is one of those in blogdumb who can write about the Gospel and miss Jesus.

A review of his blog from January 2, 2012 to date reveals much in its lack. In a total of 46+ days Jesus has been mentioned less than ten times total in the main posts, with a number of those while quoting other people. If you count the number of times that Plumpkins himself mentions Jesus it is less than five.

Why does this matter? Because Jesus said in Matthew’s Gospel, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Or, to put it on the modern setting, “Out of the abundance of the heart the keyboard is struck.” Using Jesus’ own words as a measuring stick, it is clear that Jesus does not abundantly fill the heart of one who almost never talks about him.

What does pour forth when Plumpkins strikes his keyboard? Divisiveness, sowing discord among brothers, lying and deceit. Take for instance his January 23, 2012 article entitled, “Lifeway Resources pushes Calvinism in latest Bible study curriculum by Peter Lumpkins.” His title is a clear assertion that Lifeway Resources [sic] is pushing Calvinism in its most recent Bible study curriculum (which he later identifies as The Gospel Project). The simple fact is that he does not prove his assertion, nor does he even try. The title is deceitful to the point of being an intentional lie.

Too far? You be the judge.

In a comment directed to a Tim Tuggle, timestamped January 24, 2012, 12:24am, Plumpkins writes:

My concern I clearly made here focused on the contributors themselves not necessarily the content they offered.

Clearly Plumpkins intent was to deceive.

Again in the comments Plumpkins is challenged about his deceitful headline. In a comment from a Fred Johnson, timestamped January 24, 2012, 8:22am:

Regardless of how little latitude you are willing to give those who are friendly toward Calvinists, the fact remains that your blog’s primary assertion was not met in the writing. You assert that LW is “pushing Calvinism,” and you mock me for reading the curriculum, but you provide zero proof that is has happened. At best, you should have used the title, “Why I Think LifeWay Will Push Calvinism…” You proved nothing using content, and have only speculated about intent.

To this, Plumpkins replied the same day at 9:10am:

Your curious focus on my post title is patently absurd, Fred. Sorry. There’s just no way to state that any kinder.

And, why I didn’t entitle the post with your suggested is hardly a criticism I either want or need to spend time addressing.

Deceit. Lies.

Simple truth: When the truth is on your side you never have to lie.

Here is a thread from a Baptist forum that deals with other lies that Tim “Roger Dodger” Rogers has told recently. Lies that he currently tells and will tell in the future should come as no surprise.

Facts and exchanges are sprinkled throughout, at least through the comment time-stamped Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:29 pm.

This is nothing new. Do a google search with any combination of the terms, “Peter Lumpkins Tim Rogers lie lies liar” and you might be amazed at what you find. And that does not even include the blogs where they have been banned for being liars, divisive and abusive.