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If there is anything that gets under Pastor Tim Rogers and Pastor Peter Lumpkins collective skins more than Calivinism and good theology it’s Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll. With the publication of “Real Marriage” with his wife, Grace, Driscoll has been all over news broadcasts including appearances on “The View” and “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

With all the dependability of Pacific typhoons-and twice as much wind-Plumpkins and Rodger Dodger have alternately attacked the Falwell brothers and Liberty University (Lumpkins), and Danny Akin and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Rogers).

On at least three separate occasions Plumpkins has written about Driscoll’s April 2012 speaking engagement at Liberty University, always condemning the decision to have him. In his January 12, 2012 blog article he called “Real Marriage”

a book which encourages sexual hedonism

In fact, in two separate posts, Peter Lumpkins skipped the first nine chapters-over 170 pages-just to get to the “sexual hedonism.” He acts like a middle schooler who just found the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the grocery store: “Articles? What articles?”

As noted here on February 25, 2012, Plumpkins was forced to issue a retraction for a deceptive piece he wrote about the North American Mission Board. He blamed his mysterious sources (likely the same ones he used for this erroneous conclusions about the SBC name change) instead of admitting what is likely closer to the truth: he made it up out of whole cloth. That’s what liars do, after all.

In Plumpkins retraction/apology, which was quoted here in full to give every benefit of the doubt, he said:

In addition, to the readers of SBC Tomorrow, I also offer my sincerest apologies. You deserve commentary on denominational affairs based on the most credible, factual information available. And while I sincerely thought I was basing my commentary on credible testimony, I hold no delusion that you should not be disappointed. The fact is, I am disappointed in myself. I broke my own strict protocol in making sure I have the goods before I deliver the message. This present post stands as the quintessential reason why that is so. And, know I have learned much in the process. I regret my lessons learned, however, came at another’s expense.

Finally, even though my normal commentary is based upon hard evidences like written, audio, and video–evidences which anyone may check and draw their own conclusions–and rarely base what I write on this blog on softer types like anecdotal, or softer still, verbal assertions, know I intend to be more careful still in the future.

May our Lord extend to us all His grace to be the best we can be for His glory alone. And, may our Lord forgive me as I look only to Him for my redemption.

His assertion that his normal commentary is based on hard evidences is enough to make one reach for Gas-X. His ruminations are based on speculation, mental confusion and wishful thinking.

Plumpkins must have enjoyed his earlier mentioned forgiveness fully since it took him less than a week to go off again half-cocked. This time the target of his verbal indiscretions was California pastor Rick Warren.

Here is a thread from a Baptist forum that deals with other lies that Tim “Roger Dodger” Rogers has told recently. Lies that he currently tells and will tell in the future should come as no surprise.

Facts and exchanges are sprinkled throughout, at least through the comment time-stamped Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:29 pm.

This is nothing new. Do a google search with any combination of the terms, “Peter Lumpkins Tim Rogers lie lies liar” and you might be amazed at what you find. And that does not even include the blogs where they have been banned for being liars, divisive and abusive.

In this post we will see an example of how Plumpkins uses short statements, taken out of context to “prove points” that exist nowhere except in his demented little mind. In this case it will be used against him.

A few days ago Plumpkins removed his corrective lenses long enough to fire off a few rounds at a new LifeWay Curriculum called The Gospel Project. The subject, of course, was the issue of Calvinism. Having done his daily detective work (while his wife was off doing real work, you should note), Plumpkins comes to the conclusion that the nefarious and badly named “Calvinist takeover” is in full swing. Note just one objection:

However, the indisputably clear majority of Southern Baptist churches may be thoroughly disappointed to know their adults, youth, and children can now be subtly indoctrinated into the doctrines of grace as easily as ordering the Calvinistic doctrines from their Lifeway resources order form. [Emphasis added.]

It should be noted in big red letters that Plumpkins never proves anything at all about the curriculum. In fact, he does not even quote from it even though copies were readily available online and he claims to have read it.

The name of his post is “LifeWay pushes Calvinism in latest Bible study curriculum.” Even though he does not prove it, or even try. He plays guilt by association.

Then this:

the indisputably clear majority of Southern Baptist churches may be thoroughly disappointed to know

Sorry. Come again? Where is your scientific polling on this? Where is Zogby? PPP? Barna? We’ll just take a few phone calls that don’t include people on your speed dial.


adults, youth and children can now be subtly indoctrinated into the doctrines of grace

Ok. “For by grace are you saved through faith.” “The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.” “Amazing grace how sweet the sound.” “Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within.”

Is Plumpkins a preacher or not?? If so, does he not preach grace? If not, does he preach works? If he does how is he even a believer? We are saved by grace, sanctified by grace, and secured through grace. What is there that should not be taught?


as easily as ordering the Calvinistic doctrines from their Lifeway order form.

Well, I looked and didn’t see the slot for “Calvinistic doctrines” on my Lifeway order form. Why does Plumpkins feel the need to lie for no apparent reason? Who knows, but he’s compelled to do it regularly.

The reason is clear for his furor and he even owns up to it himself: he does not care if the content is Calvinist or not. He only cares if the people associated with it are. (see his comment at 12:17am, January 24, 2012, on his January 23, 2012 post). Plumpkins doesn’t care about the gospel at all. Anyone who doesn’t want people to learn about grace is an enemy of the gospel.