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One is forced to wonder at times if Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor Tim Rogers constantly lies because he is evil to the core. Or is it because he is mentally deficient?

On his blog article of May 18, 2012 ( Tim Rogers questions the existence of purportedly new guidelines being used by the North American Mission Board. He writes,

The problem exists that we are now partnering with other church planting networks and no one I can find has any idea what those guidelines are that we operate within.

Let me make this as clear as I know how. NAMB is an autonomous entity and they constantly scream that we need to trust them in their appointments and those that are funded. I say, fine I want to trust you. However, with the trustees recently removing the 2006 Presidential restrictions and now announcing “guidelines for NAMB church planters in relationship with other church planting networks” without producing such guidelines it seems something is not above board. If we are asked to trust someone then that someone should produce the openness and transparency needed for us to support.

If pastor Tim Rogers wants to talk about problems he should find the nearest mirror and start yelling.

Well known Southern Baptist blogger William Thornton wrote on those guidelines on his own blog ( which was picked up at SBC Voices ( This is what he reported concerning NAMB and church planting networks:

NAMB / Network Guidelines

The North American Mission Board encourages church plants to partner with their association, state convention, NAMB and the IMB. NAMB also affirms that some churches engage with other networks for mission and evangelism purposes in accordance with article 14 “Cooperation” of the Baptist Faith and Message.

NAMB does not affirm or partner with individual networks, but partners with Baptist Faith and Message affirming churches and planters.

That’s it. NAMB does not partner with individual networks. End of story.

And here is the crux of the matter: While pastor Tim Rogers of Ebenezer Baptist Church claims “we are now partnering with other church planting networks” it is not true. That’s what this “Network Guidelines” documents addresses. Further, Rogers links to Thornton’s blog article at the end of his own ramblings. That’s right. Rogers questions the existence of said guidelines while guiding his reader to the very guidelines themselves.

This guy is an unrepentant liar or a nut, take your pick.

If any reader of this blog knows anyone in his church, you should point them this way. Perhaps the local newspaper’s church news reporter would have an interest in a lying preacher.


Pastor Tim Rogers of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Indian Trail, North Carolina is up to his deceptive ways again. This time it includes a favorite target of his illogical “thinking”–Lifeway.

Sometime in recent days LifeWay Research mailed a survey to a portion of Southern Baptist Churches. According to a friend it included 43 questions with well over 125 possible responses. Between 35 – 40 of these were of the strongly agree, strongly disagree, I don’t know, neither agree or disagree variety of survey responses. The questions cover a very, very broad section of church life, theology and decision making. The survey appears to expect answers from either the senior pastor or other church leader.

In his post of April 14, 2012, “An Upcoming Lifeway Survey-The Timing is Uncanny, by Tim Rogers,” Tim Rogers fans furiously to create a fire out of nothing. Unfortunately for him the only smoke to be seen is coming out of his ears.

First he deceives his readers by implying the survey has something to do with the name change task force in the SBC. Tim Rogers writes:

I opened a large envelope to find a survey of forty-three questions that began with a question concerning the Task Force that was appointed through a “back-door” reading of our constitution…

Perhaps it is that Pastor Tim Rogers cannot count, because the question to which he refers is fourth on the list, not first.

Why the need to be deceptive, “Pastor” Rogers?

He then turns to one of his favorite whipping boys: the Calvinism debate in the SBC. With density that lead would envy Rogers says:

In this opening article I want to look at two statements to help you see the theological bend the Research Team seems to desire.

[In Rogers’ writing the following two lines are bold and in red. It should also be noted the original survey included the proper punctuation at the end of each sentence. Rogers seems to think proper punctuation is unnecessary; he certainly feels that way about logic and truth.]

1. My church is theologically reformed or Calvinist
2. My church is theologically Arminian or Wesleyan

The statements above represents [sic] the theological positions one my [sic] choose from. From the look of things it is a clear straight forward statement that defines what one believes…What person in a Southern Baptist Church is going to say their church is “Arminian or Wesleyan”? Therefore a pastor has only to choose between “reformed or Calvinist”…I am not an Arminian, and neither am I a Wesleyan. These theological positions places [sic] one in the uncomfortable position of arguing one is not saved forever. Thus, we must choose “reformed or Calvinist”.

Thus, we must choose “crazy or ignorant” to describe Roger Dodger’s conclusions.

“Theological bend”? He can determine that by misrepresenting two questions? Can Rogers also bend spoons by staring at them? Something is bent, that’s for sure. According to Tim Rogers’ delusions the research team must also have a “theological bend” toward pastoral visits, new members classes, death of church members, international mission trips and the like since all of this is surveyed on the same survey.

If a tangled web we weave “when first we practice to deceive,” Pastor Tim Rogers must trip over its strands every time he stands to walk to the pulpit.

On the survey the two statements in the Rogers quote above are each accompanied by five answering options: “Strongly disagree, Somewhat disagree, Somewhat agree, Strongly agree, Don’t Know.” It is not either/or.

CLEARLY there are not only two options as he implies. There are multiple options INCLUDING the opportunity to select a different category altogether by strongly disagreeing with both. This fact Pastor Tim Rogers is not willing to acknowledge.

A commenter on Tim Rogers’ blog, Tom Klein, immediately called him out on this (6:47pm same day):

Then, you misstate (or maybe misunderstand) how polls work. A mainstream SBC baptist would simply answer both of your questions near the middle. You must not understand how polls work since you don’t “choose between” separate questions. You choose within them on a scale.

This is obviously the case.

Since most Southern Baptists, including the ones at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Indian Trail, North Carolina, will never see this survey, Rogers has done a great disservice to his readers and his church members by this deceit.

We are left with three likely conclusions:
1) He is intentionally deceptive. Therefore, his church should rebuke him.
2) He is unintentionally deceptive. Therefore, his church should re-educate him.
3) He is incompetent. Therefore, his church should remove him.

Corner Stone Baptist Chapel pastor, Peter Lumpkins, (Waco, Georgia) returned from a much enjoyed break from the blogosphere to cross swords with…himself, it appears. Again spinning wild conspiracies from the shallow recesses of his brainpan, he sees a “ruling SBC elite” taking over another blog. He writes:

While Dave Miller surely needed to clean up the threads at SBCV (since they so often made the threads into personal assaults against other Southern Baptist bloggers; I ought to know; I’ve personally been the receiving end of their scathing attacks more times than I care to recall),

The idea of Pastor Peter Lumpkins, who regularly lies, attacks and deceives based on the latest rumor, telling another blogger to “clean up the threads” at another blog is rich, rich, rich.

When it comes to the supposed trespasses of others, Plumpkins exercises an x-ray vision that would make Superman envious, but when it comes to his own faults he is as blind as a bat wearing blinders at midnight.

Who are this “ruling SBC elite” and what are they trying to do? The usual suspects that Pastor Peter Lumpkins rails against, a couple of entity heads and other leaders.

Plumpkins channels in inner Winston Churchill with this little ditty:

One thing is for sure: SBC Tomorrow will not stand down nor will we become silent. We will continue to bring our own perspective to the table. The ruling elite will have to contend with the facts as we perceive them. We have no intention of changing anything we presently do. We think we address issues and raise questions blogs which are closely joined to the hip of ruling elites will not address. And, in the end, grassroots Southern Baptists will have their way.

Genuine, Free Church people will never bow their knee to a ruling elite. Never.



At least Pastor Peter Lumpkins acknowledges that he works with the "facts" are "as we perceive them." He doesn't deal with facts. He deals with his interpretation of the facts, more often erroneous than not. By the time he stops spinning his spin he could go to work for Maytag. Such a statement is a befuddled as Pastor Tim Rogers February pleas for someone to "correct the facts" in a certain news article. Facts, Tim, do not need to be corrected. Not to worry, there were very few "facts" in that article anyway. Someone could have spent a month or two refuting the errors, on the other hand.

One is forced to wonder how many personalities make up the "we" to which he refers. Maybe he refers to Gerald Harris, editor of The Christian Index who obviously collaborated with Plumpkins on his Calvinism hit piece. Maybe Plumpkins "we" are just the voices in his head.

Even farther east, at Ebenezer Baptist Church in North Carolina, Pastor Tim Rogers is conducting a love/hate relationship with another SBC entity head. Following the sexual assault tragedy at a seminary, Rogers asks prayer for the president of the entity (a man that he regularly attacks) then, in the comment thread, takes the surprising position that the administration was at fault in the incident. He comments in the thread of his March 18, 2012 post:

The issue is there is a large gap in the time-line of the arrest and the report to the student body.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt to the seminary administration and believe they were caught flat footed on this thing. However, hiding behind the argument that it was the weekend and the administration offices were closed is not going to cut it in today’s environment.

The problem is that he does not want to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Pastor Tim Rogers can’t even make sense of a perfectly sensible situation. His unwillingness or inability to put 2 and 2 together is an ongoing issue as readers of this blog are aware. Is there anyone who truly believes Rogers is qualified to challenge an administrative decision? Or any decision, for that matter.

Perhaps Pastor Tim Rogers, and Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Corner Stone Baptist Chapel with its pastor, Peter Lumpkins, would be better served by pastors who spend more time in the Word of God than they do tearing down other bloggers, pastors and leaders.

If there is anything that gets under Pastor Tim Rogers and Pastor Peter Lumpkins collective skins more than Calivinism and good theology it’s Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll. With the publication of “Real Marriage” with his wife, Grace, Driscoll has been all over news broadcasts including appearances on “The View” and “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

With all the dependability of Pacific typhoons-and twice as much wind-Plumpkins and Rodger Dodger have alternately attacked the Falwell brothers and Liberty University (Lumpkins), and Danny Akin and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Rogers).

On at least three separate occasions Plumpkins has written about Driscoll’s April 2012 speaking engagement at Liberty University, always condemning the decision to have him. In his January 12, 2012 blog article he called “Real Marriage”

a book which encourages sexual hedonism

In fact, in two separate posts, Peter Lumpkins skipped the first nine chapters-over 170 pages-just to get to the “sexual hedonism.” He acts like a middle schooler who just found the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the grocery store: “Articles? What articles?”

Since Gerald Harris, Plumpkins and Roger Dodger have speculated publicly and erroneously about the SBC name change, the following might help them get started on their next articles:

“I (I was) [choose more than one from the following] wrong, amiss, askew, astray, at fault, awry, bad, counterfactual, defective, erratic, erring, erroneous, fallacious, false, faulty, fluffed, goofed, in error, inaccurate, inexact, miscalculated, misconstrued, misfigured, misguided, mishandled, mistaken, not precise, not right, not working, off-target, on the wrong track, out, out of commission, out of line, out of order, perverse, rotten, sophistical, specious, spurious, ungrounded, unsatisfactory, unsound, unsubstantial, untrue, wide of the mark”

Get started, boys.

Here is a thread from a Baptist forum that deals with other lies that Tim “Roger Dodger” Rogers has told recently. Lies that he currently tells and will tell in the future should come as no surprise.

Facts and exchanges are sprinkled throughout, at least through the comment time-stamped Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:29 pm.

This is nothing new. Do a google search with any combination of the terms, “Peter Lumpkins Tim Rogers lie lies liar” and you might be amazed at what you find. And that does not even include the blogs where they have been banned for being liars, divisive and abusive.

One of the hypocritical things about Roger Dodger is how he calls everyone “Brother” just before vilifying them with some imagined wrong he has committed. At best it’s feigned honor and respect. At worst it is a mockery of the Bible’s use of the term. One who uses “Brother” so frequently should be striving toward the unity the word suggests rather than the division Roger Dodger prefers.

Rather than “Brother” he should begin such salutary situations with, “Hail, thou mine enemy!” It would be more honest.

One person who really seems to have gotten under Roger Dodger’s skin is the well known author, Jonathan Merritt. Merritt, author of Green Like God and another soon to be released work, has been the brunt of the Dodger’s attacks on a couple of occasions, most notably in a very poor attempt at humor just before Christmas.

Roger Dodger feels, like a person who has no concept of personal relationships, that he can attack a person with abandon then joke around with them the next moment. It does not matter that he has no foundation for such humor. He’s like an abuser than berates his wife and kids, only to turn around and suggest that the family go for ice cream since, “It would be so much fun!”

On his December 24, 2011 post, his “Dirty Santa” list leads off with a gift to Merritt who the Dodger, in a blatant and imbecilic attempt to drive traffic to his own blog, had body-slammed just three days earlier. His gift to Merritt? A get out of jail free card. Why? Roger Dodger felt he needed one due to a rumor that had circulated during the summer. When Merritt confronted the Dodger in the comment thread, this “pastor” responded,

I have removed that comment per your request. As I said I believed it was gossip concerning a summer weekend and used it as a humorous anecdote. Sorry if it caused you unnecessary concern, I felt dispelling gossip with humor was a great way to put out the fire of gossip. For the record the gossip has nothing to do with you going to jail as you said you have never been to jail.Emphasis added.

Can anyone on God’s green Earth tell us how this man is a pastor?? He freely traffics in gossip in the name of stopping gossip. The Bible addresses this: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Unstable. A perfect way to describe Tim Rogers.