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When this blog was started the lies of two pastors were exclusively chronicled. One of them has reduced his blogging to an occasional update – thankfully – while the other has focused more on theological content.

Welcomed changes.

Recently a big deal has erupted at Louisiana College. Several professors were not offered contract renewals perhaps because they hold to a Calvinist interpretation of salvation. The president of the college, Dr. Joe Aguillard, and at least one trustee seem content for Calvinist professors and students to leave the school.

Much of this nonsense is being tracked by two Louisiana College student. Joshua Breland and Drew Wales have written about the goings on on their blogs The Daily Bleat ( and SBC Heritage ( Breland has set up an active post with links to a number of websites speaking about the situation (

a Alan J. Pakulas - All the Presidents Men Hoffman Redford DVD PDVD_008Last week the influential and popular Southern Baptist blog SBC Voices defended the two students in this post:

So far the focus has been on Calvinism as the problem at the school. What if this is not the case?

The old saying is “Where there is smoke there is fire.” What if the smoke at Louisiana College is at one place and the fire at another? Anyone who has ever built a fire knows it only takes a little wet wood to create a lot of smoke.

While Calvinism is the “green wood” creating the smoke, are the trustees paying attention for any other fires? Are the school’s finances in order? Are all educational requirements up to date? Are accreditation requirements in order? Are contracts legal and in order? What is at work other than the gray smoke of Calvin?

“Follow the money” was famous advice given to two reporters who brought down a president. It might be good advice to follow again.