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One is forced to wonder at times if Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor Tim Rogers constantly lies because he is evil to the core. Or is it because he is mentally deficient?

On his blog article of May 18, 2012 ( Tim Rogers questions the existence of purportedly new guidelines being used by the North American Mission Board. He writes,

The problem exists that we are now partnering with other church planting networks and no one I can find has any idea what those guidelines are that we operate within.

Let me make this as clear as I know how. NAMB is an autonomous entity and they constantly scream that we need to trust them in their appointments and those that are funded. I say, fine I want to trust you. However, with the trustees recently removing the 2006 Presidential restrictions and now announcing “guidelines for NAMB church planters in relationship with other church planting networks” without producing such guidelines it seems something is not above board. If we are asked to trust someone then that someone should produce the openness and transparency needed for us to support.

If pastor Tim Rogers wants to talk about problems he should find the nearest mirror and start yelling.

Well known Southern Baptist blogger William Thornton wrote on those guidelines on his own blog ( which was picked up at SBC Voices ( This is what he reported concerning NAMB and church planting networks:

NAMB / Network Guidelines

The North American Mission Board encourages church plants to partner with their association, state convention, NAMB and the IMB. NAMB also affirms that some churches engage with other networks for mission and evangelism purposes in accordance with article 14 “Cooperation” of the Baptist Faith and Message.

NAMB does not affirm or partner with individual networks, but partners with Baptist Faith and Message affirming churches and planters.

That’s it. NAMB does not partner with individual networks. End of story.

And here is the crux of the matter: While pastor Tim Rogers of Ebenezer Baptist Church claims “we are now partnering with other church planting networks” it is not true. That’s what this “Network Guidelines” documents addresses. Further, Rogers links to Thornton’s blog article at the end of his own ramblings. That’s right. Rogers questions the existence of said guidelines while guiding his reader to the very guidelines themselves.

This guy is an unrepentant liar or a nut, take your pick.

If any reader of this blog knows anyone in his church, you should point them this way. Perhaps the local newspaper’s church news reporter would have an interest in a lying preacher.