Why are Pastor Tim Rogers and Pastor Peter Lumpkins so interested in Mark Driscoll’s sex life?

Posted: 12/03/2012 in pastors who deceive, pastors who lie, Peter Lumpkins, Tim Rogers
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If there is anything that gets under Pastor Tim Rogers and Pastor Peter Lumpkins collective skins more than Calivinism and good theology it’s Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll. With the publication of “Real Marriage” with his wife, Grace, Driscoll has been all over news broadcasts including appearances on “The View” and “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

With all the dependability of Pacific typhoons-and twice as much wind-Plumpkins and Rodger Dodger have alternately attacked the Falwell brothers and Liberty University (Lumpkins), and Danny Akin and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Rogers).

On at least three separate occasions Plumpkins has written about Driscoll’s April 2012 speaking engagement at Liberty University, always condemning the decision to have him. In his January 12, 2012 blog article he called “Real Marriage”

a book which encourages sexual hedonism

In fact, in two separate posts, Peter Lumpkins skipped the first nine chapters-over 170 pages-just to get to the “sexual hedonism.” He acts like a middle schooler who just found the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the grocery store: “Articles? What articles?”

Meanwhile, over in North Carolina, Tim Rogers rambles on about Akin. Unfortunately one must endure all the rambling. Without it there is little to contemplate since Rogers’ rambles like a dementia afflicted nursing home resident. Pastor Tim Rogers says this about Driscoll’s book:

In his latest blog post at betweenthetimes.com Dr. Akin gives justification for his endorsement of Mark Driscoll’s sodomy laden book “Real Marriage”.

(See the entire article here: http://pastortimrogers.com/?p=3061)

The word “laden,” according to dictionary.com, means:

burdened; loaded down

Nevermind the word doesn’t work with the description (the book isn’t “burdened” with anything), Roger’s description simply is a lie. It’s an intentional deception Pastor Tim Rogers puts forth for the simple purpose of attacking Danny Akin.

(Pastor Peter Lumpkins’s fascination with Driscoll’s sex life is also apparent: http://peterlumpkins.typepad.com/peter_lumpkins/2012/01/mark-driscoll-real-marriage-absence-moral-reasoning-by-peter-lumpkins-.html)

Driscoll can defend himself, and no effort will be made to do so here. What is of interest regarding our lying pastors is just how much of Driscoll’s book is given over to “sodomy,” which, one is left to surmise, refers to oral and anal sex. (Plumpkins will not even type out the words, preferring “o___ sex” and “a___ sex.” Neither will the Jews type out G-d. Not sure what to make of that.) Is Driscoll’s book “laden” with references to oral and anal sex?

Simply put, no. And there is no way to twist it as such. Peter Lumpkins and Tim Rogers are both lying.

Using books.google.com as the search engine, one finds the words “oral sex” appear a total of seven times on five pages (not including the index). The words “anal sex” appearing a total of six times on six pages, not including the index. In both cases at least half of the mentions are in a single chapter which attempts to answer questions people have about sex, ie, “Is it biblically allowable for married couples to have oral or anal sex?”

By contrast, the word “Jesus” appears 65 times, “God” appears 100 times, “love” 78 times, “marriage” 100 times, “Bible” 100 times, and “Holy Spirit” 29 times.

Whey, with such an abundance of evidence to the contrary, do Pastor Peter Lumpkins and Pastor Tim Rogers continue to lie about this book? Why are they so fascinated with Mark Driscoll’s sex life? Why are they so fascinated with oral and anal sex that they are willing to overlook marriage, God, Jesus and the Bible to talk about it?

One does not have to come to the same conclusions the Driscolls arrive at. Indeed one may think Mark Driscoll is a complete moron. That has nothing to do with anything. The fact is that Pastor Peter Lumpkins and Pastor Tim Rogers both lie and deceive about the content of Driscoll’s book so that they can continue their ungodly attacks on Christian leaders.

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