Perhaps there is no one in all of blogdumb who has less ability to connect the dots than Pastor Tim Rogers, AKA “Roger Dodger.” Roger Dodger is a pastor in North Carolina who has a blog on which he writes some of the most ludicrous things you could ever imagine. Misspelled words, frequent grammatical errors and logical hare-kari greet his readers in almost every post.

A recent post sported the egregious title, Lifeway Admits they are Producing Non-Gospel Sunday School Lessons. In the egotistical style of his mentor, Plumpkins, he writes his name directly into the title of each new post. Really attentive to AP style these two are.

It must first be noticed that Roger Dodger lied in the title of his post. He probably believed it to be true, but that will not let him off the hook. Of course, Lifeway has admitted no such a thing, nor, in the mind of most sane persons and even some animals, would they need to do it. After all, they provide “Biblical solutions for life.” The Gospel Project, which is the subject of Roger Dodger’s diatribe, was developed after churches requested from Lifeway a more in-depth curriculum. That according to interviews with Trevin Wax, an editor with the company. For Roger Dodger the name-The Gospel Project-is a “tacit admission” of Lifeway. A tacit admission of what? That Lifeway hasn’t been teaching the gospel, he asserts.

See how clear that is?

In his February 3, 2012 entry there are so many disjointed sentences, disconnected thoughts, pure conjecture and lies in the first paragraph alone, it should behoove anyone who graduated 6th grade that an adult would ever read this stuff. Thankfully, few do. A sampling:

The Gospel Project is a new curriculum released by Lifeway but put together by non-Southern Baptists.

This is a bald-faced lie. Eight of the 11 members of the advisory board were Southern Baptists, and the other three were Baptists. Among the writers are those who have worked on current Lifeway curriculum. The general editor and managing editor are Southern Baptist. THE COMPANY THAT PRODUCES IT IS SOUTHERN BAPTIST! Why Rogers finds it necessary to lie is strange, confusing and unnecessary. And from a pastor?


Another of the advisors is Matt Chandler, Pastor of the Village Church in Dallas Texas [sic]. This is a church that is affiliated with the SBC, but something else about Pastor Chandler is his position on the Board of Directors with Acts 29.

This is a classic example of Roger Dodger’s inability to connect dots. What does Acts 29 have to do with Lifeway presenting the gospel in his curriculum? Not a thing at all. But, Southern Baptist Matt Chandler (you know, one of those Southern Baptists who were not involved in The Gospel Project, but were?) is on the board of the church planting network Acts 29, so Lifeway must have admitted they were not teaching the gospel.


Then, invoking the pin-all cupie-doll, Mark Driscoll, who is 1) not Southern Baptist and 2) not involved with The Gospel Project, in order to tie him (via Acts 29) to Ed Stetzer, who is Southern Baptist, Roger Dodger mentions Driscoll’s much maligned and praised book on marriage as a reason to be concerned about The Gospel Project. Ok, once again: Lifeway admits they produce Sunday School lessons that do not include the gospel (which they don’t do), because it is not produced by Southern Baptists (even though it is), and because Matt Chandler is on the board (but he’s Southern Baptist, but it doesn’t matter), and because Mark Driscoll and Ed Stetzer (a Southern Baptist) once served together with Acts 29 (which has nothing at all do do with any of it), and Driscoll wrote an explicit book on marriage, Southern Baptists should be on high alert about this curriculum.

This is so sad because it is utterly unbiblical. Between the outright lies, blatant distortions, nonsensical “logic” and extreme conjecture, only a person who cannot think for themselves, and does not care about truth, would take Roger Dodger seriously.


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