Otherwise respected leader, and editor of the Christian Index newspaper, Gerald Harris, dove headfirst from the Georgia Baptist Convention Monument to Waste Ministry and Missions Center this week into an empty swimming pool. Lifting entire sections of puddled drool from Plumpkins blog he combined into a sickening stew for his undiscerning readers: Calvinism, Reformed theology, LifeWay, Thom Rainer, NAMB, Kevin Ezell, Mark Driscoll, The Gospel Project, Trevin Wax (editor of The Gospel Project), Mark Driscoll’s book on marriage, sex toys, the SBC name change, ACTS29, GoDaddy and four domain names. Yes, it was as bad as worse than I made it sound.

It would have been better reporting if he’d just tied the sex toys to GoDaddy and left everyone else out of it.

It was as suspect and pathetic an example of “professional journalism” ever published. I fully expect that Gerald Harris has received an offer from the New York Times to replace the fiction writer Jason Blair. Who knows? His “Calvinism: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.” editorial may have been the first chapter in the next great American novel. It had the same ring of truth.

It’s bad enough that Plumpkins speculative “reporting” is believed by those three people outside his grandmother and great-aunt, but Harris seems to have been taken in hook, line and sinker for two reasons: he also hates likker and Calvinists. Almost as bad as Plumpkins. A good man goes off the rails after a man who has been in the woods for years. ‘Tis a sad sight to witness.


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