Blogging can be good.

Blogging can be brutal.

Blogging can be absolutely detrimental to God’s kingdom. It can be devisive and sow discord among brothers and sisters and Christ.

You know, do you not, that blogs themselves can do none of these things? Only people can.

The only reason for this blog is because there are a few people in the blogosphere, hovering about Southern Baptist Convention issues, who regularly lie, deceive and defraud. They lie about others, they deceive their readers and defraud their churches.

This blog is anonymous. If you don’t like that don’t come back.

There is no commenting. Comments would be pointless.

There is no anger. There is frustration at continued behavior that is not strongly enough rebuked.

The “style” used by the Rogkins crowd–jumping to conclusions, disregarding contrary evidence, spreading unsubstantiated rumor, innuendo, illogical thinking and the stringing together of unrelated thoughts to an unsubstantiated but affirmed point–will not be used. It might be illustrated. It will be revealed.

One more thing…

I’m not a Calvinist.


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